January 25, 2018

The Boldest Print

Something I learned from walking around in a bathing suit, half skirt, and sheer, knee length cover up during the day - I'm not the smallest on the resort. I'm not the most ideally proportioned, or conventionally beautiful. I'm thick, jiggly in the middle, and small breasted, to tell the unvarnished truth.

My red skirt, sheer jacket, and bold printed bathing suit are a stark contrast with anything else on the sand. Dark hair and fair completion don't seem to match the surroundings. I'm one filter away from looking like I walked off the set of a 50s beach movie set. As is typical, I'm a sore thumb in flip flops, more comfortable in oddness than not.
But that hasn't stood in the way of sidelong looks from men holding hands with their wives, questions about why I don't wear a wedding ring, or offers to have a Mexican boyfriend for the night.
I forget this too often. Beauty is subjective. And unusual has very long legs.

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