November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Review

Today I'm humorously thankful for preemptive Thanksgiving last weekend, new tires, good sense, and no need to travel any further than my couch.

But mostly, I'm also thankful for a new job that has, without hyperbole, changed my life for the better. I'm thankful to have the sort of life that allows for first world problems. I'm thankful for the death of green eye'd dragons so as to allow me to live within my means. I'm thankful for patience, tolerance, humility, and the knowledge of when to set them aside. I'm thankful for 2 minutes to midnight conversations, because they for allow nights on the couch, alone together. I'm thankful for low maintenance friends, and the texture of life translating into wisdom to share. I'm happy to be driven crazy, because we usually get there by way of the scenic route. I'm thankful to be asked "Do you hate them?" and being able to answer, "No. If anything, I'm sad for both of us.". I am thankful that this year has thus far, been monumental and tedious. But mostly, I'm thankful for all the reasons and the ways I can do and be so much more than this.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your list be richer still!

November 24, 2015

Google Voice & The Landline For Life

It seems like every month I get a mailing from my internet provider telling me they can save me all this money on a landline.  I know I’ve told them on the phone more than unless they can beat free, their price is going to be too high.  A dozen or more mailing later, I've decided that their marketing department is perfectly ok with throwing money away, so I'm going to help others help them do just that for under $100.