May 29, 2016

Graphic Novelty, or Ephemily Podcasts

How does a person who has been racking their brain to find an outlet for their creativity, but also has an unhealthy need to sit on the couch and watch TV indulge both urges?  Why, podcasting, of course!

May 16, 2016

It's a Four-Legged Thing

Saving animals from busy streets.  It's starting to be a habit with me.  Not that many years ago, a friend of mine and I were out rubbernecking the fiery end to a multi-jurisdictional police chase when we found a small white dog running in and out of traffic.  Being the 4th of July weekend, we figured the noise of the fireworks had spooked the little pup and he'd bolted.  Long story short, when we couldn't get animal control to come get the little guy, we sat outside of a Great Clips until past closing waiting to see if the owners came looking for the little puffball.  I'm happy to say, they did.  Our temporary friend was happily reunited with his humans and they all lived happily ever after.

Last weekend was not exactly a replay, but it paid an homage.  The part of town that Thunderhead and I bought our house in has been around a very long time.  The house itself is 91 years old, and a grand old gal at that.  This last Saturday was the 57th annual neighborhood parade, and it marched within feet of our front door.   I was a little late to the spot we'd picked out in the shade to see it, but word was there was a small dog just prancing along with the motorcycle cops that started the procession.  

May 6, 2016

Hard Selling to the Hard Sold

When we bought our house last month, we went into it knowing we'd have some basement issues to address.  The first heavy rain came before we could add some gutter extensions, so we had some rivulets of water seeping in from the walls.  This was not an entirely bad thing.  It gave us an idea of what we are up against as far as repairs.  Thankfully though, the purchase of several downspout extensions to get the water away from the house alleviated many of the problems.  A few hours with my vornado fan on full blast dried up the walls quite well too.
So, we set about calling for estimates on basement and mudjacking options.  Most are what you'd expect.  A phone call, a visit, and an estimate in the mail or email.  One or two followed up a few weeks later.  None of them seemed to be afraid to let you shop around.  It's passive, and it let's the almighty dollar speak.  For those seeking the lowest cost and hoping the quality doesn't suffer for it, this is a viable option.  What I need to be sold it to know the science and process.  I need to know what my money will be going towards and that it makes sense for me to purchase now and in the future.
I can say that within minutes of sitting around the dining room table with a very popular basement solutions company, I was both fascinated with their processes and put off by their blatant high pressure sales tactics.  Their science seems sound.  They can take a dank basement and turn it into a wonderland of dry useable space.  At a cost.

May 5, 2016

Ephemily Recommends - Free Comic Book Day Edition

This Saturday, May 7th is Free Comic Book Day 2016.  This is a day when comic lovers old and new are enticed out of their dwellings with the promise of free teaser issues of different comic titles, cosplay events, sales, and social time with others who share their fandom love.

If you haven't gone through the list of free comics for 2016 yet, here's your chance.  They can be found here on the FCBD official website.

If you're looking to make the best of any sales your local store might be having, I want to offer a few titles that might be worth your time.