June 10, 2019

Leap Into My Own Arms

I took a leap today. A pretty big one, on a couple of levels. I quit the job I had been doing for 9 days. I left before training was even over. That little voice in the back of my head rode in on my gut, screaming, clanging the dinner bell, and dragging every pot and pan in the kitchen behind them, telling me to get while the getting was good.
But this post isn't about the job, or reasons for leaving. It's about self trust, self respect, and having reasonable standards for how you're to be treated and with whom you're associated.

May 16, 2019

You Don't Ask, You Don't Get.

In today's episode of "You don't ask, you don't get" -
I hate yardwork, but I'd been doing a fair amount of it today since the weather is cool enough, and my neighbor was kind enough to mow my lawn this morning. About two hours in, I'm straightening up the garage and getting ready to pack it in for the day, I notice a young man I've seen around the neighborhood power walking past my house. I wave and say hello. He acknowledges me, and stops cold. "Ma'am, could I trouble you for a ride to 16th and Ida?"

September 28, 2018

The Math Comes Out To Be Ephemily +1

"How did you manage to get ahold of a loan officer at 9:30 at night on a Thursday?"

The question came in over text, so I couldn't tell the degree of incredulousness in Loverboy's tone.

"I dunno.  I know people, and for some reason, they seem to like me."

That was late August of 2018.  And that's all it took to refinance my house.  Well, ok.  Obviously there was more than that.  But the hassle of shopping around for the right company, the reasonable rates, the type of loan that fits my needs, reflected my well earned 823 FICO score, and the right team to work with was quite simple, actually. 

June 9, 2018

You Stand, I Stand

"Welp, I think we found our woo girl."

I didn't so much whisper as I did direct a targeted cone of sound at Loverboy's ear as the target of my ire was sitting just to his left.  The concert was in full swing by then.  We'd just taken our seats, and the group of women next to us were immersed in the experience up to their eyeballs.

April 19, 2018

Evolutionary Idiocy & Distance Predation

I think I know why the intelligent among us are not running the world.  It's because humans are distance predators.

Stick with me.

March 30, 2018

Float On, Tiny Attention Span

I packed a lunch this morning.  I resisted the urge to grab that second fiber cookie because, lemon bar flavor doesn't trump the consequences of those actions.

I set the lunch on my dining room table, grabbed my keys, verified my badge was on my person, and picked up and put down three coats that I opted not to wear today.  In that brief moment, my goldfish memory blanked the existence of my lunch from existence.  (My photo is next to the term Tabula Rasa in the dictionary.)

February 12, 2018

Ephemily's Reluctant Timeshare. Living In Your Head, Rent Free

Social experiments are an interest of mine.  I enjoy crawling through data to see what I can get them to tell me.  I'm also a fan of what I like to call, The Long Game.

February 9, 2018

In Search Of A Karmic Travel Agent

Dirk Gently has his Holistic Detective Agency, but what I really want to find is a Karmic Travel Agent.

This last week has been odd.  And that's the short description.  A true breakdown of a string of 5 days where you're sent a pneumatic sex toy by an anonymous admirer deserves more than a single syllable, but that's for another time.

I have had a day from hell.  I started out by considering it a pothole day; the sort where you're derailed for 24 hours, lick your wounds, and start over after a good meal and a night's sleep.  And then, as always, it got weird.

January 31, 2018

From The Heart - Robe Sleeves, Privlidge, And A Week In Mexico.

I need to show you something. I wanted to sit on the balcony on a particularly brisk morning during my vacation last week, and decided to take advantage of the robe hanging in the closet. As I started to untie the belt and remove it from the hanger, I noticed that the right arm was tucked in such a way as to give it the appearance of saluting, with the hand over the heart.  I wrote the following from said balcony as a reflection of the experiences I've had in Mexico and at the Vidanta resort: