March 28, 2013

Biological Scavenger Hunt

A friend of mine posted an image today asking to help an elderly woman find her grandson, who was adopted.  It got me thinking, do you think it's possible to crowd-source this sort of thing?  And then slowly, I started to think it can't hurt to try.  I have always known I was adopted.  I've also never held out hope to learn much about my roots, so it's never been important for me to find them.  I'm also a worry wort, so to know any potential hereditary conditions also is a sort of boon.  Less for me to worry about in advance.  But, the older I get, the more I love hearing stories others collect throughout their lives.  There's a part of me that wants to hear my biological mom's, and anybody else's that I can find along the way.  So, here goes.

This is all the information I have about my biological family.  I was born at 9:59 at night, on October 25th, 1977 in Albion, Nebraska.  My biological mom was 22 year old, was five foot four inches tall, and weighed in at 115 lbs.  She had graduated high school and had gone on to take some college courses, with a special interest in art.  She was a Methodist, and was generally in good health.  Much like me, she goofed off in school and got average grades, but had been assessed as having a high IQ.  She had a special affinity for math and biology.  

I seem to remember someone telling me she worked on a highway construction crew holding the "slow" signs.  Much like my biological dad, she had musical ability.  Generally, I think of people as having one ability or the other; the math/numbers or the art/creativity ability.  I find it interesting to think that perhaps I got my center-mindedness from her.

I'm also told she herself was adopted in Germany, along with what I can only assume were her biological brothers.  One was younger, and one was older.  If she was 22 at the time of my birth, that would have put her overseas in the the middle 50s.  I don’t know at what age she was adopted.  Her nationality was described as German, but I don’t know whether she was an American citizen born in Germany, or German and adopted by an American.  This part was never made 100% clear.

What I know about my biological dad is not very much.  My biological mom was, “reluctant to discuss” him, going so far as to refuse to name him.  But, I’m told that he was a little older and taller (he was six feet one inches) than she was.  He had completed college, and had taught for a period of time.  He left teaching to join a musical group.  He was also described by my mother as slender, muscular, and good looking.  I have no information as to his nationality.  I can only assume he was of European descent.  I’m too glow in the dark for it to be otherwise.

Despite keeping her pregnancy a secret, my biological mom did disclose her condition to the father, and he agreed with the adoption plan.  I have very little information about him beyond this.

Based on the information I have as of 1990, my biological grandparents probably don’t know I exist.
I don't know how old I was when I left for Omaha and the Nebraska Children's Home Society.  I do know that I was roughly 2 months old when I was adopted.   I can only guess that I had been in their care the majority of my short life thus far as I'm under the impression she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant.

I have not checked with the state to see if they have any more information for me.  I'm going off of what my parents were given from NCHS.  My case worker, by the name of Joan Clements, sent my parents a note with the majority of the above information in it.  This is pretty much all I have.  What frustrates me is that they also had the name of my biological mother, but discarded it because they didn't think it was important.  While I can understand the emotional reasons why they did so, it's hard to know that the information was so close, and is infuriatingly so far away now.

Also, based on some vague language in the letter from Joan, I’m guessing my adoptive parents made a donation/gift to my biological mom that the NCHS forwarded to her on Sept 28th, 1990.  If this helps to narrow down any suspects.  

If you know someone who might fit this bill, I'd love to speak with them.  No need to give me their information.  For privacy sake, you may give them my email address - and leave it up to them as to whether they'd like to reach out.  I understand how hard it can be, all the questions they may have, or all the guilt they might feel.  If it means anything, I've always thought about you, and completely understand why you made the choices you did.  I grew up in a wonderful home and have experiences many never get.  I don't hold any ill will, I just would love to know you for the sake of knowing where I come from, warts and all.

*edit - Congrats mom and dad, it's a weirdo!

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