April 26, 2011

Who Is This Ephemily Character Anyway?

Ephemily is a construct, a release valve, an alter ego.  She lives in her pants, doesn't know the meaning of restraint (unless they're leather), and has let her id completely off its leash.  She exists in that moment before common sense grabs your tongue out of your head and says, "You might want to think about the consequences of saying that Hoss".  Ephemily is a curvaceous woman in body and a player in mind.  She wears her reality distortion field like a superhero cape.  Her superpower is that she feels no pain, and gave shame up for Lent in 1963, despite not having been born till 1977. 

She is an over the top caricature of her real-life troublemaker painted in broad strokes and bright colors.  She is a combination of Ephemeral, Feminine, and Emily.  She drives a sports car, chases younger men, and has booty at her beck and call.  She’s the type where you don’t say “Stay out of trouble!”, you tell her not to get caught. 

She is infinitely charming, witty, and sharp.  She’s bored by The Most Interesting Man In The World, and could lead Chuck Norris around by his nostrils.  She can slay her detractors with a razor tongue and a poisoned pen, wiggle her way into the minds of her admirers and grind her way into the wet dreams of her lovers.  She doesn’t stop until her target is cowering in the corner or gasping for breath and begging for more.

She's the type who you'd bail out of jail at 4:00 in the morning.  You'd go to her cell to escort her from the building, and she'd be sitting on the bunk in her leopard print pedal pushers, pumps with one heel broken off, a Helena Bonham Carter special hairdo, eyeliner smeared across one eye and lipstick on her teeth, saying "About goddamned time." as the 3/4 burned cigarette dangles out of the corner of her mouth.

Ephemily exists without limits, glass ceilings, and fear of judgment.  She is just under the skin and close to the vest.  Her antics and mischief allow people to live vicariously, project themselves into the body of someone who could get away with it with a wink.  She is the bad girl who takes no prisoners and realizes that wearing that “special outfit” isn’t being objectified, it’s proof she’s got power.  She is the 5" fuck me pumps you wear out on the town and kick off the moment you can because, sure they make your ass look great, but they hurt like hell.

Ephemily is the candle burning at both ends, true to herself, unashamed, and exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

For those interested - the following is the above post, as read by the artist. 

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