April 18, 2014

Hipsters, Elton John Eyewear, and Barometric Pressure Woes

Last year, I think I used most of the vacation time I earned at work on unconsciousness, drug use, and cool, dark rooms.  Sounds like a party, right?  Anything but.

You see, since I was in, oh, I want to say Jr High, I have been the proud owner of migraine headaches.  If you've never had one, stop right now and find the tackiest way you can gloat and do it.  At volume.  I've lamented them before, so I'll spare you that again.  Suffice to say, they aren't something that you can generally shrug off.  Hell, sometimes they affect your life like a drivers' ed teacher stomping on their second brake and grabbing the wheel across the cab of the car.  You ain't goin' nowhere, son.

April 16, 2014

Roar From A Seated Position

It’s 12:20 on March 28th, and Pop artist Katy Perry is telling me to roar.  I don’t know why, but several of her songs get me right in the neck; part gag, and part cry.  Musical taste aside, it got me thinking, what am I gonna roar about today?  What am I afraid of?