September 22, 2011

Bracing for October

My friendly neighborhood cosmos apparently has the idea that October needs to be a month of pandemonium, activity, and bluster.  In 2010, I was dumped, divorced, turned a year older, and was still living with my ex husband and his girlfriend.  For financial reasons, I had to miss out on most of the Halloween festivities.  Those who know me understand that Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, being so close to my birthday and all.  That was a kick in the hedonistic fangs.  This year, I'm thinking I might just be getting served.

Let's see here.  So far, I've got the following on tap: I need to arrange getting the sale of the house approved. Then, I need to get all of my items from said house moved to where they're going to go, whether that be into the new place, or into storage.  For some of my belongings, that's going to require a moving service.  So, I've got to find one that I trust and is available when I am.  I need to finalize the deal on buying out the lease on my car.  That might not sound like much, but when you have to have the deal all written up, find financing for someone who's bankruptcy hasn't yet been discharged, and also get the court's approval, it tends to be a bit drawn out.  I also have to close on the house by Oct 30th, or someone's paying per diem interest.  Trust me, I don' think this will be a problem.  I want out!

Those are my obligations that aren't going to be fun, but are necessary and am still looking forward to them coming to pass so I can check them off my list.  Once I get through these, I'm that much further away from the shared life of my marriage and closer to actually being able to live entirely for myself again.

Let us not forget the good times.  All these tribulations are necessary, but don't let a girl blow off any steam.  I've got tentative plans to host a visitor from Pennsylvania for a few days during the second week of October.  There's the Bad Behavior Support Group co-ed hay-rack/bonfire/alcoholic bonanza, my birthday, and of course all of the Halloween festivities I can handle!  Something tells me I will be stocking up on B12 and indulging in every catnap I can for the next 45 days.

However, I don't say this to complain, or to ask someone to get this done for me.  ENTJs tend to be able to handle large amount of stress with less asshole puckering than most personalities.  Truthfully, without at least *some* stress to guide us, we can get complacent and not get anything done.  So, while I know it's going to suck for me in the moment, I'm preparing to grit my teeth and barrel through it.  It has to be done,  and I'm the best person to handle seeing this through.  I'm ready for a good struggle, and can't wait to get my hands really dirty with it.  Though, I anticipate this running be a bit ragged; what with two major events happening in the same 30 days and all.  Should I get a little loopy, or turn into what this describes, please know it's not personal, and I do still want to be your friend, hang out, or hear from you.  Just ignore me, or give me something little to do so I can feel accomplished and see the fruits of my labor.   I'll bounce back sooner or later.  Promise.  I just need the time and space to be surly in a vacuum for a bit.

September 19, 2011

End Victim Blame - Slutwalk Wrap Up

If I learned anything from the SlutWalk, it's that my understanding that rape, molestation, assault, and other sex-related misfortunes are far more common than I had assumed.  Prior to my involvement in the walk, I could name maybe two people who had survived a rape, and one who had been molested as a child.  I knew of no one who had been date raped, or slipped something in their drink.  I thought maybe 1 in 20 women would be affected by this umbrella of crimes that fall under sexual assault.  Today, the day after the walk, my perceptions have changed. 

September 2, 2011

Pontifications of a Slut

So, yesterday, I went to my first sign waving rally.  Ever.  Yeah, I know, the expectations for such a loudmouth with no fear are quite a bit higher, and I'm sorry it took me so long to deliver.  My cause to pop my protesting cherry?  Raise awareness and attendance for the local Slutwalk that's happening in a couple weeks.  I've been trying to promote the cause to all the ladies I know, from mousey to brazen.  This mentality that it's ok to blame the victim for their own sexual assault because they dressed like a "slut"  (which is a wholly subjective idea in itself), left their drink unattended, or actually *gasp* LIKE sex when it's consensual, is just plain wrong.