February 12, 2018

Ephemily's Reluctant Timeshare. Living In Your Head, Rent Free

Social experiments are an interest of mine.  I enjoy crawling through data to see what I can get them to tell me.  I'm also a fan of what I like to call, The Long Game.

The Whisper Network, a loosely organized circle of people with a common interest or concern, exists in my little grease spot in the country.  Very little goes unnoticed, unreported, or unanticipated.

You see, I have several publicly accessible social media accounts.   And while I had relative certainty that they were being watched, I made the conscious decision that I would not live my life any less out loud as a result of that knowledge.  I have not and will not self censored with that as part of my decision making process.

I'm grateful to have been able to find my writing chops recently.  As a result, I've had more posts in the last 30 days than I have in the last 2 years.  My audience is rather small, and the hit count was within normal tolerances.  I suspected the people who have subscribed to updates, or saw a link that I posted on another site came to read the longer version of what usually starts as an update on another network.

Then came last Friday.  I haven't had a pothole day of such magnitude in at least a year.  Living it was trying and expensive energy-wise.  But from the outside looking in, it was comedy gold.  Throwing my sense of pride to the wind, I wrote a blog post about it, published it, and waited.

I made no mention of it on any social media site.  I told one person it existed, and they were the one to hear about it as it was happening. So, they had no need to read the account, even if they knew the address of my blog.  In short, this post should have sat, collecting digital dust in the corner.  Should have.  However, that's not what happened.

Post Page views Since 2/9/2018

Fourteen page views in 3 days.  As you can see, that's more than double the number that my "Who sent me a pneumatic adult toy?!" post got, and that has photos!  Not only am I being read, but I'm being passed around more than I'm accused of within the context of my lovelife!  I'm flattered.

Real talk time.  You've shown your hand.  My suspicions are confirmed.  Look.  All I want is to be forgotten.  This isn't healthy for you,  You're letting me live in your head rent free for all the wrong reasons.  Get help.  Get over me.  Get on with your life.  The sooner, the better.  We'll both be better off.

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