May 16, 2016

It's a Four-Legged Thing

Saving animals from busy streets.  It's starting to be a habit with me.  Not that many years ago, a friend of mine and I were out rubbernecking the fiery end to a multi-jurisdictional police chase when we found a small white dog running in and out of traffic.  Being the 4th of July weekend, we figured the noise of the fireworks had spooked the little pup and he'd bolted.  Long story short, when we couldn't get animal control to come get the little guy, we sat outside of a Great Clips until past closing waiting to see if the owners came looking for the little puffball.  I'm happy to say, they did.  Our temporary friend was happily reunited with his humans and they all lived happily ever after.

Last weekend was not exactly a replay, but it paid an homage.  The part of town that Thunderhead and I bought our house in has been around a very long time.  The house itself is 91 years old, and a grand old gal at that.  This last Saturday was the 57th annual neighborhood parade, and it marched within feet of our front door.   I was a little late to the spot we'd picked out in the shade to see it, but word was there was a small dog just prancing along with the motorcycle cops that started the procession.  

I wasn't too late to see the same dog marching right along with the group on horseback several minutes later.  If you know dogs, you can help with they're having a ball.  This little guy was; tongue lolling out of his head, a huge "look at me!" smile on his face.  This dog was living his 15 minutes of fame to the absolute fullest!  The riders, however, could see that this might not end well, as he was sniffing around their hooves.  And those of us who know horses could only imagine the sickening crunch of bones if the horses kicked.  

One of the riders asked the crowd to come get the little dog.  A few people ran towards the road, I ran away from it.  Back to the house to get a spare leash.  As I came back to the street, I saw a couple people who had the little guy by the collar, dragging him away from danger.  I ran up and put the leash on him so his front legs could touch the ground.  For the duration of the show, he was near myself or Adrian, in case his owners came looking for him.  It was easy to tell he was someone's pet.  He knew sit, was very friendly and well socialized, and even had a collar.  Unfortunately, he had no tags, so we didn't have anyone to call to let them know that we'd found their dog.  Though, thanks to social media, we had some options.  I snapped a quick photo of him and posted it on several relevant sites, asking if anybody knew this dog and who he belonged to.  

As the parade wrapped up, we started to wonder what we were going to do with our new friend.  Animals are family in our house, so we brought him right in.  The cats were none too pleased, but he left Moxie well enough alone so she didn't care.  Thus far, we didn't have a name for him, but Buddy seemed to stick the best since he soon became attached at the hip to Thunderhead's youngest child.  We started to make a plan in case we didn't hear from the owners over the weekend.  We'd take him to a vet to see if he was microchipped.  If so, we'd call the owners and let them know we had their dog, safe and sound.
Over the course of the evening, we had many hits on our posts about the dog.  Most of them were about how cute he was, and that they hoped we found the owners soon.  Then, around 10:45 or so, someone posted that they knew the owner, and they'd been looking for the dog.  A bit later, the owner herself replied and said yeah, that's out dog, and he means the world to them.  Their daughter was in tears because he was missing.  I told her that we were glad to keep him safe and sound for her, and asked if, despite the hour, if she'd like to come get the dog that night.  They very much wanted their furbaby back that night, so we went down and turned on the lights for them,

Around 11:30 Saturday night, Brody, as we discovered was his name, went home after an adventure of a lifetime.  I'm going to miss that little dog, but I'm happier than I am sad that he was reunited with family.

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