September 27, 2015

F 7, U 12

Woke up around 4:00 AM to the sound of an animal puking. Kicked the dog off the bed before she got all of her mess on the covers. That's when I found the cold pee spot with my foot.

Stripped the bed, set up the washer, and found another cold pee spot in the living room. Threw some water and a towel on that, started the wash, and went back to bed. 20 minutes later, I heard the sound of the sink running over. Got that cleaned up and went back to bed. 8:30, I was up, steam cleaning the carpet when I discover the cat has poop stuck on her tail. Chased the cat around with scissors and the furminator and successfully de-crapped a cat.

At 10:30, the laundry was done enough to put the bed back together. (Minus the comforter hanging to dry over the shower curtain rod.) That's when I found a hole in my set of new sheets.
Ok Universe. I see you've put alot of thought into this. You may have precisely one Fuck of mine today. Just don't ruin your dinner.

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