November 8, 2014

Night Owl

It's nearly 4:00 AM, and I've been awake for two and a half hours.  Having pumpkined out at a little after 9:00 last night, this means that so far, I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep.  Here we go again.  Middle insomnia, falling asleep shamefully early and waking in the wee hours, unable to fall back into unconsciousness.  We're no stranger to one and other.  I've seen so many infomercials over the years, I felt like Billy Mays and I were besties, and I should have sent Antony Sullivan Christmas cards.

I don't know what woke me this time.  On previous nights, Thunderhead's snoring has roused me, but all was quiet on the pillowtop front tonight.  Well, at least at the time of my wakening.  He's currently testing the resilience of his nasal cavities next to me.

I finally got up and took some Benadryl.  It's non-habit forming and a pretty sure bet when it comes to knocking me out.  But, until that takes effect, I plan on putting my alertness to good use and recording Thunderhead's breathing.  No, it's not creepy. It's for science!  He struggles to breathe at times, and his doctor has asked me to time him between breaths.  If I can't be 100% functional, I can at least be useful.  Now, nevermind that blinking red light.  It's just the science in action.

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