November 22, 2014

First Dose on the Left, Straight on Till Morning

I have been a bad blogger.  And I'm not just talking about skipping my reviews of week two of 10 mg, and the entire week of 20 mg doses.  I'm on to dose three of the final, therapeutic does of 40 mgs of Viibryd now, and it seems I actually got caught up in life again, rather than not having enough energy to do much more than breathe.  If there is such a thing, this is the right way to neglect an inanimate thing; by living.

My sense of humor is back.  I'm my sides hurt at the belly laughs in daily life again.  I'm being productive.  Since starting on the new medication, I've managed to add an additional wireless hot spot to my home network, find a Liunux distro that works with the wireless on an old laptop I had just laying around (Posting from it now, actually.), setup a spare machine with an Unreal Tournament GOTY server and got it set up on the internet for my friends and I to play on, and researched, then purchased a replacement part for the broken headphone jack on my car's stereo.  Today, the weather will be nice enough, I can actually install it!  (Thank you YouTube!)

However, I have saved the best, and perhaps the most uncomfortable (For you, dear readers.  Oversharing should have been my middle name.) change for last.  If you've ever done any reading about, or taken an anti-depressant, one of the major drawbacks is the sexual side-effects.  When Wellbutrin came out those years ago, it seemed like every single ad touted the fact that it had the least amount of interference in your sex life as the others did.  Whether science has been able to continue the trend or not, I can't say.  For budget reasons, until now, I was unwilling and unable to afford anything that didn't have a generic equivalent.  What I can tell you is, for me, Viibryd doesn't have any noticeable side effects impacting my libido or sexual function.  For me, it's as if I'm 32 again, and just coming off of the synthetic hormones I'd been using for birth control for half my life.

Depo had changed me into a woman I will name Sandy Snatch.  When I chose Essure for female sterilization, I no longer needed the hormone injections, or the Implanon implant I had in my left bicep.  Three months after my procedure, I had it removed.

Imagine my wonder mixed with concern to suddenly realize not only that I didn't require lube to have sex, but that I could produce enough of my own to be frightened by the amount.  (I may not be embarrassed easily, but worrying about the state of the couch after watching a sexually charged movie is on that short list.)  Did I have a disease?  Thankfully, after a visit learned that this is what happens to a woman in her 30s.  It is also what happens to a woman who's brain chemistry is no longer out of whack.  (It's perhaps time to get a lawyer on retainer before /I find myself the subject of a restraining order or harassment suit.)  Thanks to Viibryd, The Everglades are once again a vacation destination.

What's next?  Well, finishing the entire sample pack, and having a discussion with my doctor about an actual prescription sees logical.  I look forward to this.  I missed the woman I am when able to run on all processors.

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