July 22, 2014

A Note About Page Useability

Always keeping my eyes open, I came across some information about a job that just came available today.  I thought it sounded interesting, so I wanted to look at it.  And that's where the trouble began. . .   But, it ended with some trackpad button smashing and an email to the support email listed on the site.  Below is a reproduction of what was sent.

Good evening from a once hopeful potential job candidate for the [insert job title here]  position as posted on your external posting website.  Now, I am nothing more than a sad, dejected applicant left to kick rocks outside the entrance of your internet HR office.

I'm writing to tell you of some usability difficulties I had in trying to apply for this position.  First off, I had some difficulties even signing up for your service.  Not coming to the table with an existing account (that was searchable, as the user ID and email that is most common to me wasn't found upon searching.) I pondered trying to set up a new account.  The instructions on the sign in page sounded so very upbeat; "If you do not have an account, please click on 'new user'".  But, alas, a new user option was not available to me.  I searched the page in Firefox for the text, wondering if perhaps it hadn't rendered correctly, or if it showed up in white text due to some coding gaffe.  I am disheartened to report, it eluded me.

But, I was not to be deterred!  I have 10+ years of help desk experience under my vast belt.  Another browser!  That had to be the solution.  So, I loaded up Chrome, clicked the link from my email, and again wasn't able to find the new user link or button.  IE!  As loathe as I am to admit using it, sometimes it does do the job.  Like a Vespa.  You'll never get there quickly, but it will, indeed, get you where you need to be.  Pardon the vernacular, but. . .   Nope!

Sign in with my google account!  That had to work!  At this point, I was willing to try anything.  I mean, my shame of having an iexplore.exe process running on my machine was already recorded in your logs.  What did I have to lose?

And lo, it logged me in!

However, upon entering my information about current address, driver's license information, SSN, past and present employment, and my education, I clicked to save an proceed.

Only to be stymied by the purple box of bad data.  I had something that soured the fact checker's stomach.  But, what could it be? There was no highlight.  Nothing telling me *which* of the mandatory field's I had mistyped, or left blank.  After scrolling through  my entries, I also discovered that the entry I had clicked to remove had also reappeared!  (Don't let Chriss Angel know that you're into illusions.  I hear he's protective of his public performances and brand.)  Frustrated, I gave up, having not actually applied for the position.

Now that you've read my missive, I'd like to report that the sign in/sign up process for your online job application portal has some flaws.  Can someone be of assistance to me, when they have a moment?

or reply to this email.

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