February 20, 2014

History From the Rumbleseat

I've been sparring with effort of writing a short piece of historical fiction about the B.B. Cooper hijacking in 1971 for the last 18 months or so.  It's been slow going.  I had this amazing spark of creativity right out of the gate, but that has since fizzled, and I'm left snatching every sentence like it's the last creative sustenance I'll ever see.

However, that's given voice to a couple of other events I'd like to write a forgotten history for.  And, as you can imagine, the ones I have on the short list are weird, unexplained moments in time.  For example:

Just what was the frequency that William Tager was looking for when he mugged Dan Rather and killed Campbell Theron?

What was with the signal intrusion into the 9:00 news, and later, a Dr. Who episode by a nearly unintelligible person in a rubber Max Headroom mask on the night of November 22nd, 1987?

Sure, we could shake our heads and collectively say, "Some people's kids.  Amiright?".  But what's the fun in that?

It's given me something to chew on and try and coax out of a muse.  Hopefully, it's more than a puff of serotonin this time.

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