June 16, 2013

Good Gravy, and Good Night.

For those of you who follow my unintentional kitchen antics, here's another for your scrapbooks.

I just walked into the kitchen to find water boiling on the stove.  I'd put it there.  Just like I'd opened the box of macaroni and fished the container of broccoli out of the freezer and put it on the counter.  The problem with finding the water on the stove was the timer for the pizza in the oven had just gone off.  Apparently, in the short amount of time between putting the pizza on the rack in the center of the oven and leaving the room, I'd forgotten entirely that I'd made a decision on what to have for dinner.  Some moments later, I returned, put water in a pot, and got out the ingredients for mac and cheese.  I don't even have cold medicine I can credit for this.  Sure, I'm stuffed up and my throat is a little sore, but I'm running on chemicals only slightly more powerful than can be found in tap water.  (mmmm, diet soda.)  Good gravy, and good night.

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