June 17, 2013

2:00 AM Christmas Carol Parody

I'm finishing up my first on call rotation, and at least I can say that the building is still standing.  Thankfully,  I got a 45 minute or so nap in this afternoon since the calls started in for Monday in India a little after midnight.

It's late, and I'm awake enough to not be able to fall right back to sleep, but loopy enough to come up with either works of creative genius, or outright drivel.  I put pen to literal paper in an attempt to find out which I would get.  I came up with a rework of the Christmas carol, the 12 days of Christmas.  Now, I know that there were only 7 days in my rotation, but it was 2:00 AM and I wasn't going for literal.

The 12 days of On Call.
For the sake of brevity, I'm going to give you just the final verse, so you get all the goodness is on concentrated package.

On the 12th day of On Call, the cell phone gave to me:
12 weeks till next time,
11 different passwords,
10 Punjabi accents,
9 midnight phone calls,
8 crashing servers,
7 locked accounts,
6 kinds of malware
5 search donkeys,
4 windows bluescreens,
3 adobe updates,
2 printers jamming,
and a user who can't get logged in.

I want to sing this around the office Christmas party this year.  Wanna bet how many verses it will take before I don't get any more eggnog?

(Just be glad I didn't choose this one to have an audio companion.  I can't sing for shit.)

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