April 6, 2013

Sensorship [sic]

It's Saturday, and I spent the afternoon running errands with my friend and neighbor, Ms Jenny Tanner.  (Names changed to protect the. . . damn.)  Being perhaps the warmest day we've had yet this spring, we did most of the running around with the music up and the windows down.

Now, my car has a really fancy feature where if you push the lever to roll the windows up, it will do it with one touch.  You don't have to hold it.  If it senses an obstacle in the way, it will stop and reverse back to open.  That's a safety feature to prevent injuries.  It's a handy feature when you're driving a manual and you want to roll up your window in a hurry, but it's a pain in the ass when the sensor loses its damn mind and forgets where the end of the track is.  It tends to result in the window going up, panicking, and retreating about half way back down, over and over and over.  

The car had started getting temperamental at our last stop, and I growled at it as we were getting out.  Now, it's taking more time for me to get the sensors in the windows to cooperate.  As we sat in the parking lot at our third stop of the afternoon, I'm cussing the window as it does this for the 5th time.  Just as I think I've got it, it fakes me out and from a quarter inch away from closed, the window stalls out and rolls halfway down again.  That's when I did what can only be described as my best Tasmanian Devil impression.  I was air boxing, cussing, and there even might have been some spittle hitting the inside of the windshield.  Jenny is just sitting in her seat, calmly taking in my acting the fool, giggling at me.  After a few deep breaths and slowly inching the window up the tracks, I was able to get it closed.  I turned and said, "Bet you didn't expect to see a grown woman throw a temper tantrum today, did you?".

Without so much as a smirk, or missing a beat, she replies "Twice.".

What can I say?  I like my quick witted friends.

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