April 11, 2013


It's been a few days since I've been able to spend much time with Seamus, the stray who's adopted the humans in my building.  It's unseasonably cold and snowy tonight, so I took a towel and a heavy coat with me when I went out back to see if he was around and wanted some pets.  I called his name as I looked around for him, hoping he'd be close enough to hear me.  He was.  I'd caught him napping in the garage rafters, trying to avoid the wind.  He hopped down and came running to me, talking the whole way.  I swear, to listen to him, you'd think he's scolding you.  "Where have you been?  Do you know what time it is?  Dinner was supposed to be hours ago.".

As I laid out the towel and sat down, he started to circle me.  I eventually picked him up for a snuggle.  I could feel him shiver, so I tucked him under my jacket and held him a little closer, hoping nobody opened the back door too quickly and caused him to panic.    We sat there like this, quietly, for probably 30 minutes.  His shivers gradually stopped, and his purr started to fill me with the warmth that I could feel my legs losing.  This is what came of that peaceful half hour or so.

is best observed in the slums.
From the porch, in the vampire weather
drinking the warmth from the earth and the exposed skin.
Perched in the valley, old woman winter groans like the nanas moldering in old folks homes.
Quiet, hollow, and past its time.
Three generations carouse, scrounging for warmth, food, prey
Mother, son, grand-baby
Cats who have made this block their world.
Creation among the discards.
To look up, beyond the heights to which the ruined staircase reach
rushes past a larger world
driven by deadlines, fossil fuels, and "who you know".
Matryoshka existence
one exists within the other
Invisible when only the larger draws focus
The bridge is named Seamus.
Curious, feisty, hungry, ambassador
held to my chest, wrapped in purple wool, he sniffs my eyelid
and with a cold nose's nuzzle, brings together two markers
"You are here".

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