January 30, 2013

Overheard on a Recorded Line

Something I've learned since starting my new job in September is that if a help line's phone greeting tells you that your call may be recorded for quality control purposes, that generally means that all calls are being taped.  It's both for QC and CYA purposes.  However, this thought seems to be lost on some people, and we get to hear some of the most interesting side conversations sometimes.

Generally speaking, I've noticed a trend that customers' attentions wander when they're on a support call.  They frequently do things that most would find disrespectful, like loudly chewing on something or engaging in conversations with others in the office around them.  While this behavior is irritating, sometimes it's good for a laugh.  Take two examples that happened just today.

While sitting with another agent today for crosstraining on her support duties, I was observing her work on an email client issue on the customer's computer.  With nothing other to do that watch the mouse fly around her screen seemingly under its own power, she turned to engage in conversation with someone else at her desk.  In a poor aproximation of a stage whisper, we hear her say, "Oh my god, I totally started my period this morning.".  Being the professional that she is, my trainer didn't acknowledge what she'd heard until after the call ended.  But, we both got a chuckle out of the fact that not only is the record of this woman's monthly gift saved for all time in the call record, but she's admitted it to another live human she hadn't considered because I was listening to the call as it was happening.  

Normally, calls like this seem to be sporatic where we get maybe one or two a week.  It's not common to have more than one a day.  However, the planets must have been aligned just so because the very next call, we got another one.  While working on an issue with the remote computer, the user leaned over to someone else in his office and said, "So, did anyone else know that Gomer Pile was gay?   I thought he was still in Hawaii making his music.  Turns out, he just married his partner".  

If I knew where to find left field, I'd walk out there and shake the hand of the guy lobbing these into play today.  There's rarely a dull moment in the life of a CSR.

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