December 31, 2012

I Hope 2013 Knows What Is Expected Of It

Let's just do a 4 year rewind for a moment.

2009: Tried couple's counseling, decided it wasn't going to work, filed for bankruptcy in pre-divorce planning.

2010: Filed for divorce, tried to start dating again, lived in the house with the ex and his GF to try and save a buck/the house.

2011: Gave up on saving the house, listed and sold it in a short sale that I thought might just kill me, donated what felt like half my stuff, moved, met Adrian, started performing and running tech with the Samurai of Spoken Word.

2012: Moved again, started dating Adrian, changed jobs, bought Donovan at the end of the lease, checked off the last item from the "I need to change my life around" list, realized I get bored without a challenge. (And by challenge, I seem to mean "life event")

A word to the wise, 2013; I've got teeth man, I hope you're into that sort of thing. It's going to be mighty boring if you're not.

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