November 22, 2012

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Maybe this is a little bit meta, but today I'm thankful that I can be thankful. Plenty has happened in life, and there's lots to be bitter about. I'm glad I have a place of my own with a few perks I wasn't expecting, I can have my dog with me, and that I was able to find a way to keep Donovan (the loyal sidekick that he is).
I'm thankful for a job that pays shamefully well and where I feel appreciated, even if I don't want to work chained to a desk and my bladder's needs are metered out in 10 minute increments forever.

I'm thankful that there are only 3 years left on my garnishments, and that I can not only survive until then, but I can thrive in the meantime.

I'm thankful that, despite having "gone to ground" for the better part of the year, I haven't been completely forgotten by my friends, and I'm thankful for Zoloft.

I'm thankful for my muse, as fleeting and finicky as the bitch might be.

I'm thankful that when Thunderhead said "Don't you dare pull punches or opt not to speak your mind to me." he actually meant it instead of not quite understanding what he was getting in to and regretting it later.

Lastly, I'm thankful that we're having brunch today instead of traditional Thanksgiving. I can only eat so much turkey, you know?

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