August 11, 2012

Time Out For Grownups

It's about 4:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, August 11th and I have done absolutely fuckall today.  That's the technical term for nothing.  The day certainly had potential.  I mean, I woke up (the first time) to an eager boyfriend poking me in the ass with the sort of insistence that says "I'm horny, you should be horny too.  Forget happy ending, let's make this a sloppy beginning."  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it.  I kinda get off on his eagerness like that.  But, in the end, I wasn't ready to be awake yet, and drifted back to sleep.  An hour later, he woke me up again to let me know he had to get going so he could  make it to his company summer event early enough to get parking in the same zip code.  I grunted a response, gave a feeble wave, hugged the dog, and went *back* to sleep. 

Some hours later, I woke up, decided it was not the kind of day to spend unconscious, and got up.  I took a bath, downed my medication (34 years old, and I'm *still* on a pill for acne.  Ain't that a bitch.) and decided to kick this sore shoulder of mine in the . . .  well, it looks like back tits, but I'm gonna call it an ass to make the reference work.  I took one of my heavy duty muscle relaxants.  To the surprise of nobody, that put me back to sleep no sooner than my head hit the couch cushions about 45 minutes later.  So, today, you wanna know what I've done?  Laundry.  That's what I've done.  I don't count letting the dog out, since that was about 45 seconds of me standing on the porch in my bathrobe, squinting in the half-light of a strangely temperate day, and urging the dog to pee rather than eat the grass. 

Don't get me wrong.  I've been off work for the entire week, and I am at the tail end of it having accomplished an awful lot.  I had help.  Not gonna lie.  Thunderhead was instrumental in getting my kitchen floor re-tiled, as well as reorganizing my kitchen and nerd cave. He's got an eye for saving space and detail that I just don't have.  I was all about getting my crap out of boxes and put away *somewhere* when I moved in.  He was very helpful in getting the stuff put where it just makes sense.  But, I'd also taken plenty of naps and just forgotten about keeping a schedule.  I slept when I wanted to, I ate when I felt like it, and pretty much lived the week in a way that would give a left-brainer hives. 

Has it refreshed me enough to head back to work on Monday?  Only time will tell.  If it hasn't, well I'm always looking for new material for the spoken word events.  Either way, you could call it a week well spent in time out.

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