August 22, 2012

Pain, Pain, Go Away

OK, I promise that I won't bang this drum too much.  But, I just came to the realization last night that since putting in my 2 weeks notice, my body hurts less.  I'm not talking just a little.  I'm talking I'm no longer hunched over for the first 10 minutes after getting out of bed, and I got a joint to release just today that I've been fighting with for almost a year.  I wasn't even trying for it either.  I was merely slouching in the chair, and *pop*.  Suddenly, I had more range of motion.  That made me sit up and think.

My back was a different kind of sore last night.  The pain was more down the center rather than the locked up knot in my hip and glute.  Last I remember, my physical therapist was happy that the pain had shifted to this.  It was progress.  Little did I know that I'd slowly clenched up to the point where my entire hip, glute, and even upper thigh was a painful torrent of tension.  It was so nasty that it would only listen to an elbow massage for about half an hour before clamping right up again.  (As a note, I think it would have been hilarious to be the subject of a home invasion while getting one of those massages from Thunderhead.  It would have sent the thieves running to burst in and see what appeared to be me taking an elbow/arm up the ass, growling in pain, and saying "More.  Yeah, I can feel it loosening up.")   

It's amazing what time and stress does to a person.  I mean you never think of flesh in terms of doing what carbon does; it gives us diamonds through slow application of heat and pressure.

I know I've been in a good mood recently.   Overjoyed, to be honest.  This is the crowning achievement in a 3 year journey.  I think I have a right to toot a small horn.  I just had no idea that I'd reached the point where my body and my health was being so negatively affected.  I understand I had the anxiety/nausea thing.  I knew that was a physical manifestation, but I never expected the pain  be a factor, much less clear up so soon.  I gave my official notice Friday.  Here it is only Wednesday, and the pain I've had for years is mostly gone.  Stress is a slow devil; the invisible thumbscrews for your body.  I'm glad this devil listened when I said "Get thee behind me!".

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