August 23, 2012

Fat Girl Colors (Represent!)

It’s become a routine that after Thunderhead gets off work, he heads over to my place to snuggle up and spend the night.  For the first couple of months, I’d be awake as soon as I heard the key in the lock.  Moxie, my mixed breed dog, would thump her tail on the bed and give a slow and muffled woof in greeting.  As time went on, I’d still wake up, but not as quickly.   I often let myself slowly drift up from deep sleep to crack one eye open just in time to see him walking out of the bathroom, or taking off his shirt.  These days, I’m either really tired, or I’m used to the timing of his late night arrivals.  It’s not uncommon for me to wake up to him already stroking my hair, matching the odd curve in my back with his body,  or stealing all the covers.  But, last night, I was apparently in a sort of coma.  Though, I wasn’t “motorboating” as he likes to call it.

Yes, my eyebrows really are pink.  
They match the rest of the hair other than the black bangs.

Thunderhead walked in the door at his usual 12:30 or so, and I didn’t flicker an eyelash.  He could have used the bathroom, might have picked his nose, or could have gone out for one last smoke before coming to bed with that box of knock off girl scout cookies.  THAT was what got my attention.  I hear that cellophane crinkle just once, and my ears twitched.  My inner fat girl had been roused from her slumber.  As he relayed to me later, it was like some spell had been lifted, and I rolled over, eyes open and coherent. 

“Cookies in bed, huh?”
And with a muffled mouthful, he responded, “Uh huh.”.
Apparently this satisfied my curiosity, because I promptly rolled back over and went to sleep.

Oh yes, this is the excitement that goes on in our private lives around 1:00 on a school night.  Cookies as an alarm clock, and videos of me practicing my cougar calls in my slumber.  Don’t you want to be us?

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