August 30, 2012

An Open Letter/Question to Republicans Under 40

This is the first election year I've both been old enough to vote, and had any inkling of what's going on regarding the stances of the different candidates.  I should also say that this is the first time that I've been sober when talking politics.  My last fervent discussion was with my ex father in law.  I needed those margaritas to stomach him in my house, much less to talk about the election.  Previously, I just did my best ostrich impression; head in the sand.

This year, I'm just...  Well, I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to show up on some national news program and say that we've all been pretty good sports about it, but the Republicans just can't stand it anymore.
  They've been pulling our leg all along.

They don't really want to set women's right back 50 years, completely empathize with what being middle class is like, and really do want to stand by their basic platform belief of having a smaller government footprint.  They just wanted to know how far they could push the public before *everybody* threatened to move to Canada.  Now that the last holdout, Edith from Ogallala, Nebraska, whispered to her BFF Besty that she had enough to do exactly that during church service last weekend, we can drop the charade.  In the immortal words of Dark Helmet, "Fooled you!".

After reading about the outrageous things that have been happening in government recently, I just...  Well, I can't see how some of this is actually happening.

I mean, the "Right to Know" laws are, in effect, state sanctioned rape.

Then there's this nugget from the polar opposite end of the scale, and yet still used to justify restricting abortion.  Wrongful Birth lawsuits have hit the news recently, and it's appalling.  Much like the laws that allow pharmacists to decline providing prescription drugs or services based on the fact that they conflict with their personal beliefs, may states have enacted laws that allow a physician to withhold medical information from a pregnant woman if they think that it will cause a woman to opt to (legally) terminate their pregnancy.  How is it ok for a physician to allow their personal morals into the medical fact that is another human being's life?  To me, that seems extremely selfish and egotistical.  And this is coming from someone who's heard all manner of insults and accusations of being selfish for choosing to remain child free.

Let's talk about the Arizona law that states pregnancy can legally begin up to two weeks before conception.  The Republican legislator Kimberly Lee has even admitted that the purpose of this law is to limit the amount of time women have to choose (legal) abortion.

There are more topics to talk about, but I think this is enough to establish that somewhere out there, too many people who's party historically stood for a smaller, less intrusive government, want entirely too much say in how I use my body.  My confusion is twofold.  First, why does a person, much less an entire political movement, feel that it is their right to tell another human being what they can and can't do with the only item they truly own?  I mean, it's the most, to steal a word, sacred thing a person has; their own flesh.  If it's for religious reasons, why not leave it up to your deity to sort it out?  Why does it have to be your business what I do with my bidness?

Second, how can you be either a woman, or under 40, and think this line of thinking is ok?  I just, I have no concept of why it's ever acceptable to tell someone what to do with the only thing they came into this world with.

Add on top of that the feeling that those running for president seem, to me, completely out of touch with the majority of America, and I don't see the appeal.  Not that I'm saying the Democrats walk on water.  They don't.  But, to me, right now, they make me make the cat butt face much more infrequently.

So, I'm opening this up to everyone with Republican leanings.  If you can be respectful, I want to know why they're your party.  I want to hear why you support them, and believe what you do.  Now, I will tell you, I'm going to ask questions.  I genuinely want to know the answer to them.  They won't be a direct attack, but they'll probably be pointed.  If you're ok with being questioned and staying rational, I would love to hear from you.  You can send me an email (at ephemily at gmail dot com), or use the comments below.  I'm serious.  I do want to know why you have chosen the Republican party. Maybe I'm just missing the message.


  1. We can carry this out in email, but both parties are a shit sandwich. I can't stomach what the republicans are doing with the platform, but what the democrats do is even worse. Bad part is with two party it ends up being zero sum.


  2. Sad when the choice at the end of the day is to sign and choose the candidate/platform/party that pisses you off the least, isn't it? And I don't think it's a mild irritation, I think it's a genuine disdain. Why oh why did I ever stick my head above water for it? An endless quest for answers won't let me sleep well till I get my head around it.

    E-mail works well for me. I guess I don't know what the democrats do or are accused of doing that's so reprehensible. That's not to say I'm a flag waving supporter. I just have no reason to say they make my skin crawl or question why they hate America. Please, do tell.


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