July 17, 2012

Play Taps for the Boy Scouts

"Dear Boyscouts of America, I'm saddened by your organization's decision to cast judgement of another human being's worth over who they're attracted to. However, to do it using an anonymous panel of people making the decision is shameful. It smacks of white hoods and "I was only following orders". Homosexuality is not the same as being a predator, and it's hard to tell if you can see the difference. Your decision is a blight on your image in the shape of a burning cross."
                                         xoxo ~Ephemily

An American institution as familiar as baseball and apple pie chose to hide behind anonymity when they voted to enforce their exclusionary policy of banning gays from participating in their reindeer games.  Today marks my speaking out against homophobia in more than just a mumble.  Somebody hand me my activist hat.

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