June 11, 2012

My Pregnant Laptop

Anybody who has ever worked a job that requires talking to the public knows, it’s a thankless gig.  Make a career of it, and you know why nobody at the DMV seems to have smiled in an eon.  Most days it’s a matter of slogging through and hoping quitting time is its own tonic.  However, today, I took a call from a field tech from one of our vendors.  He was looking to install some software on a remote site, and needed admin access to do so.  He’d called in the previous week to get some prep work done on the PC in question, so today was a follow up to that.  He asked if I could take remote control of the PC in front of him and kick off another installation.  As we were talking, the subject of PC frustrations came up when the installer seemed to crap out.  I said it reminded me of how Vista would do that sometimes, but if it’s between that and a free laptop collecting dust, I guess I can live with it for a while.  He asked what I meant, and I said that I’d been given an old laptop that wasn’t working, and I was able to fix it for the cost of a new hard drive.  Not too bad, we both agreed.  I followed it up with “Yeah, that was easy enough.  But, I think it’s pregnant.  It’s missing a period.”

There was silence on the phone for a few minutes as he thought about what I meant.  As soon as he understood that the period key was missing from the keyboard, he started giggling, and told me he’s going to be laughing about that all day.  I consider those kinds of phone calls paying it forward if it means one more day without blood pressure medication or homicidal urges for a fellow CSR.

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