June 15, 2012

Mailbox Hellmouth = Entrepreneurship

Yesterday, I got a bill in the mail for an additional $300+ on my recent visit to the dentist.  The short version of the story is that my insurance will only cover silver fillings, and my dentist used the clear kind.  The insult is that they called to verify benefits, and quoted me a totally different price, which I paid at the end of the visit.  This is all after I specifically asked about silver fillings because I'd had a few of the white ones leak in the past.  I was told they weren't as good a filing, and their office didn't like to use them.  Oh yeah?  Well, I don't really like to pay $450, thanks.  We left things with their receptionist saying she'd ask the doctor when he came in on Monday if they could work with me on the bill.  No idea what that meant, but it's better than a "Oooh, that sucks.  So, will that be cash or credit?".

Today, I get a bill from the gas company in the mail.  It's not an absurd amount of money, but seeing as how I had a leak in my gas lines that had my service shut off for over 3 weeks while my landlord made the repairs, I'm still a little bitter.  In looking through my $18.96 bill, I see $14 for an administration fee, $3 for the sewer separation mandate, and $1.24 for sales tax.  That leaves me with having used a whopping $0.72 worth of gas last month.  Forget social engineering or ponzi schemes, I wanna run a public utility to fund my millions!

I complain about all these things because it gave me an idea.  I said something flippant about how if I thought I could talk to anything other than a brick wall, I'd call the gas company.  That led me to thinking that I could write letters for other people who've run into similar frustrations.  I mean, why not?  I have a logical mind, a sense of fairness, use full words, have a basic understanding of how grammar works, use spellcheck, and like to see justice done to those who deserve it.  I figure, if I can get through my own letter writing campaign with my bank when it came to filling out their paperwork for the short sale, disputing a porn charge on a cable bill should be easy!

So, I think I'll throw this out there.  If you've got a dispute you want addressed, let me know.  Send me a synopsis of what's going on, the contact info you've got, any relevant information I might need, and I'll write a letter for you.  I can mail your grievance, or I can send it to you, and you can drop it in the mail as you see fit.  We can talk payment when you get in touch.  I can't imagine I'd want to charge much.  Pizza and beer money is fair, don'tcha think?  Anyway, if you've got something that need a good what fer, email me at Ephemily@gmaill.com.  I'll keep my file handy so I can make sure my teeth are nice and sharp.

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