June 8, 2012

And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor

Sorry for the break guys and gals.  I've had a few things come to a head recently.  Namely, the gas in my apartment has been off since May 23rd.  There was a leak bad enough that the gas company had to turn off my service.  Long story short, the landlord is still working on getting it fixed, and I'm discovering the joys of slow cookers in lieu of using my gas stove.  My beagle was having accidents in the house at an infuriating rate.  She went to stay with the ex for a while so he could take her to the vet and I could get some peace.  My job has also been a bit of a source of irritation, so I'm trying to find a solution to that as well.  I've got a list of things I want to write about, but I need to find the time and energy for them.  So far, I'm exhausted at night, and the words don't want to flow.  I end up staring at a glowing computer monitor as I shovel leftovers into my face, get frustrated, and end up watching Law and Order re-runs in my muu-muu.  I'll be right back at it though, just give me a bit to get that damned thing called life sorted out.  Miss you much!


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