April 26, 2012

Look Him Up In Webster's. He's Under "Keeper".

You wanna know how to compliment a girl?  (Well, this one at least.)  This is how:  (Excerpt from an IM conversation from earlier in the day.)

(12:26:15 PM) Ephemily : That really feels good to hear you say that. Never really felt that before. :)
(12:27:51 PM) Thunderhead: Really? :D
(12:28:07 PM) Ephemily : No. I've always felt like people more tolerate me than anything.
(12:28:11 PM) Thunderhead: The Ice Queen Melteth! ;)
(12:28:34 PM) Ephemily : It was never impossible that it would happen.
(12:29:02 PM) Thunderhead: Never said it was. I'm just joking around :)
(12:30:01 PM) Ephemily : I know you are. Just, be careful with that. You know me and my weirdness about vulnerability.
(12:30:49 PM) Thunderhead: Even if you were to suddenly gusher out blood, hearts, and helllo kitty, I think it would be a tactical mistake to consider you vulnerable
(12:31:05 PM) Ephemily : Ha! And this is why we're together.
(12:31:21 PM) Thunderhead: for the odd descriptions? :)
(12:31:37 PM) Ephemily : That, and the appreciation and understanding.
(12:32:32 PM) Thunderhead: Hey, you're awesome. I've known that from day one. It's not worshiping you or placing you on a pedestal. It's taking you as you are and respecting it. I don't want to change a thing :) Perfect, as is.
(12:32:54 PM) Ephemily : :) Now THAT really feels good.
(12:33:15 PM) Thunderhead: 's true.
(12:34:00 PM) Ephemily : And you know, I think that's what I like. I'm an EQUAL, not something to be venerated or imitated by you. Equal. Thanks. :)
(12:34:48 PM) Thunderhead: Oh honey, I would never venerate you. You'd strap me face first to your vagina and beat me like a six armed goddess. ;)
(12:35:07 PM) Ephemily : *spit take* Bwahahahahahaha!
(12:35:13 PM) Ephemily : I need to save this chat. I really do.
(12:35:35 PM) Thunderhead: You don't already have it turned on? lol
(12:35:47 PM) Ephemily : Not at work.
(12:35:51 PM) Ephemily : That's called Evidence.
(12:36:01 PM) Ephemily : Though, gmail saves them all regardless.
(12:36:44 PM) Thunderhead: Well, still, you have my permission to copy and paste.

Yup.  This one's a keeper.

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