March 11, 2012

Earth said "Not in the Face!"

Apparently, earth was in the way of an epic coronal mass ejection this last week.  If you're feeling voyeuristic, watch the video.  Maybe have a towel handy.  It's a juicy one.

I can't tell, does this look more like a celestial zit exploding, or are we watching an act of heliocentric self love come to completion?  My money's on the money shot, and all this weirdness going on in the last 10 days or so is Earth reeling from getting galactic cum in its eye after specifically asking the sun for warning.  The sun, it would seem, is a douchebag.  Because it can be.

A CME can result in a geomagnetic storm, and the effects of that can include power outages, damage to satellites orbiting earth, an increase in the Northern and Southern Lights, radio transmissions disruption, and general weirdness for the human population. 

Long time readers know, I work for a help desk.  That means, we get all the calls about anything that could possibly be wrong with a computer or peripheral device.  I mean anything.  I've taken calls where the users concern was that their wallpaper was the wrong size, just like I've gotten them where a caller had a dead mouse in their CPU.  You name it, I've talked to someone about it.  And let me tell you, this last week was utter chaos.  It seemed like something was failing in a catastrophic way each and every day for the last 10 or so days.   Add in that my cell provider has seemed to have nothing but problems getting me more than 2 bars anywhere I go, and the odds of the person I'm interacting with being in a foul mood being about 75%.  I'm about ready to stand in the front yard, wave a copy of modern astronomer in the sky accusingly, and tell the sun to find a sock to use.  Enough already!

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