January 6, 2012

Rogue Grooming Utensil

I have strange habits.  I'll admit.  If candid camera followed me around, I'm sure there would be some raised eyebrows more often than not.

Speaking of eyebrows.  I trim mine so they don't get too out of control.  Well, that is, I did, until last night.  The short version of the story is, never trust a trimmer guard.  Especially when it's attached to a brand new trimmer.  Because a 2 guard on the old one is NOT the same as the new one.  Half a missing eyebrow and a dictionary of new cuss words later, I'm the proud owner of invisiblely blonde stubble.  At that point, the only thing to be done was to super-trim both of them.

Did I mention that this was at 5:10 and I had a date at 6:00?  Oy.  In a pinch, letting your bangs fall naturally without putting a tight curl in them and some mascara make a great foxhole solution.  As is though, I've got this perma-surprise thing going and some time to wait for them to grow back.

In the future, I'm going back to a bald blade and a comb as a guard.  rassum frassum.

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