January 12, 2012

Mental Vignettes

I've been talking to someone from Vermillion South Dakota recently.  Part of me is curious why they went to all that trouble just to name their town "red".  Then I stopped and played out a scene from the cold war where some bureaucrat walks into an office with a town charter in town.  He hands it to some higher level bureaucrat and says "Well, everything's in order, but they want to name their town "Red".  "Oh no!  We can't have that!  We'll be the laughing stock and commies will flock there.  Let's fudge this a little and call it 'Vermillion'.  I mean, it means the same thing and has more syllables.  It's classy!"

And so, Vermillion was born.  And it's complete bunk.  But it was an entertaining 10 minutes while I was thinking about it.

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