January 3, 2012

Meditations on Donuts

Not all of the work that I did in college was QUITE so visceral.  I had a lovely roommate my sophomore year.  We shared just about everything, and I miss her terribly.  We had an inside joke that donuts were a gift from the gods.  So, out of that came the following:

Meditations on the Goddess of Doughnut
What passes through the novice worshiper’s consciousness during prayer

oh goddess of doughnut…
<Said impatiently>
for goddess sake
send me a divine revelation
and tell me your name
i’ve been sitting behind this
dunkin’ doughnuts for three days now
and people are starting to stare
and I need a shower and
I drank all my coffee
and I…
gotta sound devout
gotta sound devout

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