January 2, 2012

Childhood Vignettes

Memory snippets of childhood.  Oh, so sweet.

Perfect perfect perfect baby
coo a little more for me

mama brought her up on
bagels braunschweiger, Bach & bruises

playing on her scooter
flying legs with skinned up knees
and a streak of dirt on her face

brown ropey standard in kiddie piggie tails
flappity flappity flap
up & down & through
places marked
No No No

Cat up a tree
so to speak

mama yellin’ & screamin’ ‘bout shampooing her locks
& the hole in her osh-kosh’s only a weeks worn

little little little girl
with long hair and short temper

nitty gritty little girl
riding a horse in jeans and ratty t-shirt

justy dusty Smokey
rhythm and blues
without a cloud in her eye

mamma callin’ with cook’s triangle
& daddy cowboy/businessman
following the scent
of dinner
and home

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