December 29, 2011

Notebook Jots

I came across this as I was cleaning out some of my online documents.  I tend to write to clear my head.  I was apparently in a visceral mood that day when I wrote these.  And seeing as how I was recently classified as a poet, I thought I should include at least a couple poems on here.  As a note, I read every book by Erica Jong I could get my hands on as a teenager.  She was one of many muses that shaped my style and utter lack of shame.  It's because of her, I am not afraid to be candid.  Thank you, Muse.

Notebook Jots - a collection of musings saved from the recycle bin upon using the last page.

On fawn legs
second spring blows in
the caul of afterlife clinging
the new day to be relived
as days past and passed
and scorpion, and tiger, and dragon
born and reborn in duality


Once dead from the naval out
slithers now
kundalini fire
dancing ice the bluest of eyes
licking with serpents' tongue
my secrets

a dark and naked
scared place
long in slumber
this curse, this slave
courses free
cleansing and filth
two haves, now whole

Lion Tamer

Whipping lashes bat
to tame the beast
pride tethered in elastic
tied back with locks
boastful roar quieted
with acknowledgment of his tethers
silken cloth
satin voice
velvet lips
cat's grace
lesser woman cradles you
between comfort and fear

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