December 30, 2011

Juliet is Bleeding

This was written about a sexual encounter between myself and someone I didn't love, but who began to fall for me.  Circa 1998.

Juliet Is Bleeding
& Romeo is stained

he hobbles, bare-assed across the room
the clock ticks off another minute
the dark morning hides
flushed faces and adrenaline charged legs

he only now, it, the knowledge dawns
she, head shaking, thinks, that was a mistake
as she anthropomorphizes herself from the bellybutton down.(she and hers surprises me
she hides for a day and then springs)
she, the dom, begs for forgiveness
he plops down on the dismantled couch
in the dark, quarterlight, his tooth gleams with his smile
swimming in the experience, he druggedly responds,
I don’t mind, really
honest and true
he, towering as he stands
hugs her petite, half-naked form
almost, he whispers, “I love you” into her mussed hair
she returns the hug, her mind half there
she wanders through the events
damn, now he’s going to fall in love
she grumbles in her mind
            Juliet is sick of cheese

He, Romeo of 19
a survivor of the dagger after the curtain
will grow to be a cuddler
Juliet has swallowed her bottle of ground callous
& rolls over to sleep

he holds her body
unsure of what to do, but content to never move again

she sleeps a dreamless sleep
and wakes beside him
rises from her place to shower and brush her teeth
business & pleasure
pashaw to love

Juliet is bleeding more than blood

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