August 27, 2011

The Awkward Decline of "So, What's New?"

I have a friend who was, due to a storm-related loss of power, locked out of their house until some ungodly hour in the morning.  Another friend who, due to medical bills revolving around a late term miscarriage and a messy breakup, is being audited by the IRS.  How do I know these things?  Social media.  And while I love being able to stay in touch passively with all the people in my life, I feel a little creepy starting a conversation with "So, I saw on facespace that XYZ happened to you last week."  It almost feels like I'm stalking their mailbox, or going through their trash before the garbage crew comes by to pick it up on trash day. 

Maybe it's just me, but it sounds odd to my ears to start a conversation with "So, I saw you posted something online about your herpes." or some other personal fact.  I've got the same hangup about looking through my friends' online portfolios whether they're photography, blog posts, or sketches.   It just feels...  Creepy.  Here's the thing, rationally, I know it's a long way off.  If anybody knows creepy, it's myself and my Bestie, Propecia Louise (Who, despite being an admin on here, has yet to write anything.  Let's all shun her now.  Shun.  Shun!)

If it's posted online, people want you to look at it.  I know this, and yet.  Yeah, still feels like I should be in a panel van or something.

My point is, I'm still going to be archaic and ask a person how they're doing or what's new, even if it's plastered all over their social media page.  It seems to me that shows more genuine interest in them than just saying "So, I read about your being carjacked.  That sucked.  Can I grab a beer from your fridge?".  Maybe it's odd. 

It's quite possibly going to show my age.  You might think me crazy.  Well, maybe so.  But it's not like I need a time out with the I Love Me jacket.  Humor me, will  ya? 


  1. "Maybe it's just me"

    Yes, it's just you.

  2. I never said it was a good thing that it's just me. Only that it might be. And probably is. :/


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