July 5, 2011

Race For The Finish - Breast Cancer Dildos

Everybody has their own pet causes that they either believe in, contribute money to, or actively support.  My best friend gives time and money to breast cancer research.  She participates in Race for the Cure every year, has organized fundraisers, and generally supports breast cancer research with as many pink ribbons as possible.

We have some friendly teasing matches based on the color pink; her afinity and my allergy.  Perhaps the best was when she was chasing me around the lingirie store with something pink and frilly as I hissed and ran away.  Well, it used to be the best story.  That changed last weekend.

I know I wrote about the dinner, the car chase, the lost dog, and the happy reunion, but what I really want to talk about is the breast cancer research vibrator.

Here.  Let me show you what I'm talking about.

As you can see, it's a petite little thing.  Purse sized, if need be.  And I just can't take it seriously.  Yougurt?  Yeah, I can deal with that.  T-shirts?  Stamps?  Even Energizer batteries with a pink ribbon on them make some amount of sense.  But pardon me if thinking about the ta-ta cancer while I'm trying to get off is a mood killer.  However, that didn't stop either of us from snapping a picture and giggling about it for half an hour.  I even offered her "A Whole Dollar" if she'd include it in a fundrasing gift basket.  You see, "A Whole Dollar" the the curency of the Bad Behavior Support Group's goading.  She declined.

To me, this just goes to show two things; you can find advertising, slogans, or causes on anything, and life is pretty damn absurd if you look under the rug where the Normals sweep all the good bits now and again.

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