July 16, 2011

A Note About Ad Placement

I went to school for a BJ.  No, really.  I have a Bachelor's of Journalism.  Advertising, specifically.  Which is exactly why, when I logged in to OKCupid this morning, I had to both cringe, and laugh a little when I saw this:

Ladies, I don't know about you, but I rarely am feeling kind, gentle, forgiving, and magnanimous while that bitch Aunt Flow is in town.  Usually, most of my higher brain functions are being used to determine the shortest path between myself and the food I'm craving.  So, to see an ad about tampons surrounding the smiling faces of single and or available men just struck me as a hilariously bad use of advertising dollars.  And, well, you know me.  I'm kinda lippy.  And, I think I'm funny.  So, I sent the OKCupid staff a little note.  As you may read below.

Guys, (and gals) make no mistake, I adore your site and have nothing but love for you.  However, today I logged in and just had to scratch my head when it came to your ad placement.  There, in glorious pink, surrounding my list of "You might like these chaps.  These right here.  On the top of the page.  LOOK AT THEM!" matches, was an ad for Playtex Tampons.

Now, I'm not complaining about the relevancy of needing to make a choice about the feminine products I need to use once every 28-30 days.  Nay nay.  It's a heady decision to choose plastic, cardboard, or the scandalous option of NO applicator.    My complaint is that I'm not really feeling all that amorous when I'm in need of them.  You know, because of the cramps, clots, and the homicidal tendencies if anyone gets between me and that pint of tiramsu ice cream in the freezer.  So, diverting my attention to whether I'm fully stocked for the next time my vajayjay bleeds from the smiling faces of single or available men just.  Well, it doesn't work for me. 

In short, I'm asking that, perhaps, that particular ad be pulled from rotation.  In the immortal words of my fellow members of the Bad Behavior Support Group, I'll give you a whole dollar if you do.

Yours in snark,

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