July 14, 2011

Making It Right, The Only Way I Know How.

I had the unfortunate experience of hitting (and sadly, killing) a dog on 72nd street a few weeks ago.  At the time I was, in a way, lucky enough to meet Charlie’s owner.  I was consoled to know that he was a family pet, and that his life, however short, had been meaningful and full of love.  I felt powerless to be able to make it right in that moment, and the only way I knew how was to make a donation to the Humane Society in Charlie’s memory.  Sadly, I was unable to right away.  The accident caused quite a bit of damage to my little car, and it was undriveable because the radiator and compressor were in bad shape.  I had to scrounge up the money for my deductible and wait for the body shop to return my Donovan to me.

So, some three weeks have passed.  I’m lucky enough to get paid three times this month.  And that means it’s time for me to make good on my promise.  This morning, I spent a little time trying to put together a letter, explaining my donation, that I could send with my check.  Then, being the brilliant IT employee that I am, I discovered the option to donate online on the NHS website.  Well, that made things easier.  All it took was a debit card.  Not that a simple dollar amount makes everything ok.  It doesn’t.  Charlie is still gone.  But, when you’re powerless to right a wrong, it’s the best option.  

I don’t write this for recognition.  I don’t write this to puff myself up, draw in admirers, or seek out compliments along the lines of “Oh, you’re such a good person!”.  I write this to draw attention to the Humane Society as an organization.  I’m what you might call a rescue human (Being adopted and all), so rescue animals and their wellbeing are pretty close to my heart.  All the animals I’ve had in my adult life have been adopted from the local shelter, and animals have such a precious place in our lives.  Perhaps one is gone, because of me.  But, I can remember him and provide for others as a gesture of my faith in the bond between human and animal.  Rest in Peace, Charlie.

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