July 4, 2011

Celebrating Independence With a Housing Update

I figured since today is our day of independence, it would be fitting for me to write a little about where we are with the house.  It seems that while the two departments that have been dealing with the disposal of my property still aren't besties, at least the file on my short sale has been reopened and we're proceeding with a sale.

I got a message from my ex-husband the other day saying he got about 4 letters in the mail about the house.  I was pretty sure that I'd get them too, but haven't yet.  Honestly, I'm not really all that worried about it.  It's going to be warnings about coming current, the fees that will be assessed if/when I do, and how it's really important for me to pay attention to them.  Um, quid pro quo bank.  The house will either sell, or it won't.  The end result will be the same, I'm going to find a new place to start over. 

I got a call late in the day from Jenny, my real estate agent.  She told me that not only is there no foreclosure auction date, but the short sale file was reopened, and the bank made a counter offer to the buyer.  They wanted $5,000 more, which in the grand scheme is peanuts.  The buyer countered with $3,000 more, so they're still interested.  Eventually, I'm going to have to put my signature on more papers, and that's just fine with me. 

So, we're moving in the right direction, slowly but surely.  I'm glad to be able to sell the house as opposed to just leaving the keys on the counter and saying "It's been real.".  Truthfully, there were a few weeks there when I didn't think this was going to happen the way I preferred.  You know, with selling the place.  I thank Jenny for her determination, experience, and know how to get this done.  Hopefully, next time I write, I'll be grumping about needing more boxes to put all my crap into instead of dealing with paperwork and frustration.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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