June 9, 2011

No Moss Here!

Well, I've gotten a little behind in my updates about the house.  Really, the stone has continued to roll, and I've let no moss grow under my feet. 

The latest is that I've finally gotten the paperwork from the bank to remove the house from the chapter 13 bankruptcy.  (This is the paperwork that they swore I'd have to file and they weren't even able to do it when I first started calling them about this in November.  *shakes head*)  Today is the deadline to file a motion for a stay.  Since I don't want to stay in the house, and have no intention or ability to come current, I'm going to just let that pass me by.

Here's what that means.  The bank will file the paperwork with the court.  The court will grant it.  There's no question there since I haven't paid them a dime in months.  That, as I understand it, allows them to start foreclosure procedures.  It could be weeks, it could be months before the gears churn away to the point where I have to get out of the house.  After calling the attorney's office (for the second time, I'll add) to let them know my intentions, they told me to watch my mail.  I'll be getting a letter that looks like a newsletter that has the date of the public auction for my house on it.  It should be certified, so if I get a notice to come pick it up, I need to do that right away.  This is all going on in tandem with the offer on the short sale that has been in the works for about a month now.  So, it's more or less beat the clock here.  Who's going to win;  my real estate agent, or the bank?

What I think is frustrating (and would be funny from the outside looking in) is the fact that I've been very prompt with letting people know my intentions.  Like I said, I called about this the Friday before Memorial day.  By 6:00 that night, my ex, real estate agent, and I thought my lawyer's office knew what my plans were.  Nope.  Apparently, the message got lost in the works.  Fast forward to today.  My ex sends me a text asking if I was going to respond to the email from the attorney's office.  ...  I didn't get an email.  So, I called and found out they were asking if we wanted to let the house go since today was the deadline to file for a stay.  Alright, time to make another call.

Twenty minutes later, I'm off the phone having let them know, again, what my intentions are.  I got a little more information on what is and will happen and felt like we'd made progress.  I also had let my ex know that he needed to call them and update his address (which he swore to me he'd already done.) so they'd be able to send him information as well.  Because, for now, they think we're still in the same place.  (He's been out since November, FYI.)  I also requested that I be made the primary contact when it came to issues with the house since I'm the one that's still living there and working on getting it disposed of.

What really tore it for me was when I get a second call from my ex telling me he'd changed his address with the lawyer, but they'd asked him what he wanted to do with the house. *sputter* *cough*  I swear, that wasn't 10 minutes prior that I'd hung up with them, telling them I'm the decision maker here!

I guess the moral of the story here is, never take someone at face value.  If you have an important issue you need to resolve, be a pit bull.  Assume that you're not being heard and make more noise than you need to.  Sure, you might piss a few people off, but in the long run, results are results.  And when it comes to getting this house taken care of, I can't really think of anything more important in my life right now.  So, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go file my fangs into a point and work on my snarl. 

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