May 22, 2011

Stage .5, Complete

This is what I hope to be the last time I compose one of these posts from the relative comfort of my neighborhood Panera Bread.  I've bundled the dogs into the car and taken my dog and Ephemily show on the road for what could be the last time.  My poor agent has been dealing with a very cranky and overstimulated ENTJ (me) and that tends to bring out the worst in us.  Normally, I can handle three or so sources of stress in my life at any one time and still have the energy to be charming and pleasant.  Right now, I've got about five, and that's two too many.

As a result, I've been more reclusive, my temper has been shorter, and most tragically, my sense of humor got off the train at the previous stop.  So, she's had to contend with my being lippy and intolerance to being out of control.  For that, I am eternally grateful. I'm well aware of the fact that when I get puffed up, I can be really unpleasant to be around.  Which is why I'm glad it takes me so long and so much to get to that point.

Alright, my kvetching aside, here's the story.  I now have two offers on my house.  Well, as of tomorrow I will.  I'm going sign it after work and my agent is going to take it to the bank post haste. This makes me hopeful that this could actually happen sooner rather than later.  You'd think nothing could rain on my parade, right?  So did I.  Thing is, when I'm stressed, I get scattered.

When I reach that point, I can't find something I'm looking for even if I'm holding it.  It's like a kind of blindness; adorable to others, infuriating to me.  I tell you that to set up my Saturday morning.  I was sound asleep having had a lovely evening in to the early morning the night previous.  A dear friend of mine asked me to see Vienna Teng in concert.  It was a lovely show in a very intimate little concert hall.  Wrap that together with dinner and a little time to unplug in front of The Big Bang Theory and I was just about glowing when I left.  Nothing like company you admire and respect to recharge a girl's batteries.

I'd been out till a shameful hour of the morning, so it's to be expected that I wasn't awake (for good) till well after the clock ticked over into double digits.  As I was finally drifting up towards consciousness, my phone beeps at me to let me know I have a text message.  A very long 45 seconds pass before I convince myself to roll over and see who wants my attention.  It was my roommate telling me we just had a showing that none of us knew about.  Um.  What?

As soon as my adrenaline rush propels me to find my bathrobe and head downstairs (about 2.84 seconds) I find him and ask what happened.  Apparently, he was half asleep on the couch in the basement, his daughter was upstairs watching cartoons, and I was snoring contentedly away in my own room.  He heard a noise, and called out.  The buyer's agent was in the basement, and the family he'd brought into the house was in my kitchen staring at my two dogs through the sliding glass door.  Uh...  No.  Please don't leave strangers unattended in my house.  I have most of my stuff packed up, waiting to move.  But, I still have a few things I would really be angry to lose (some of which are handy pocket sized).   

So, the roommate tells me he confronts the guy, asking what he's doing in the house.  Apparently, he was pretty confrontational and said that he was scheduled to be there and we should be gone.  From what I'm told, he was more or less a jerk about it too.  How do you stand in someone's house and treat them like they're the ones trespassing is beyond me.

In the end, it was a crossed wire on my part.  I must have missed the email on it, and when there was either no response, or an accidental yes, the showing agency gave the guy the all clear.  Still, it was enough to rattle me a little.  I might hate my house, but it's my sanctuary.  One of the toughest things for me was to allow that to be violated so frequently and critically.  I might be critical of my house, but dammit, I'll be the only one to complain about it thankyouverymuch! 

Anyway, back to my phone call with my Real Estate Agent this morning.  After hearing my whinging about how I'm cracking under the pressure of life, Jenny offered to put the house in Pending status so we could put a hold on any future showings.  Oh.  Happy.  Day.

What this means for me is, for now, there will be no more showings.  So, today's showing is the last for a while.  Now, if both offers fall apart then we'll have to open it up again.  However, until that happens (which I hope it doesn't) I'm free to live in peace and clutter, as I see fit.  Remove on major source of stress, and call is having completed stage .5.  I'm hoping that my normal, gregarious personality returns swiftly.  Then we can get back to the humor and the smut.  (Believe me, I've missed it at much as you have!)

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