May 10, 2011

Scurvy Girl

So, there's this band of obnoxious loudmouths that I've been known to associate with that calls themselves Scurvy.  Accomplishments to include disapproving looks at the local watering holes, vacating entire seating sections in less than 15 minutes, and thinking that a fake band by the name of Kotex Explosion is really fucking funny.  Enough so that there were, at one time, a few t-shirts made for this fictitious metal group.

You can imagine that nothing that comes out of our gatherings is genteel.  And you know what, we're the type to record that shit.  Today, we're recording the latest Scurvy Media Podcast here at Ephemily's Boudoir.  It's part ad lib, part planned.  Think of it like the script is written in crayon with the left hand of a righty.  I will post the link when it's polished up, but for now, bust out your favorite citrus fruit (on the rim of your umbrella drink's glass) and get to know those who call themselves Scurvy.

Without further ado, here's the low-fi video taping of the audio podcast that will be posted tomorrow on iTunes and  libsyn.  Enjoy!

Love and Pinches,

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