April 24, 2011

Billing Department Run By Chimps

I can be an extremely patient person.  I'm forgiving.   I understand "Let he without sin cast the first stone." perhaps better than some Christians.  However, I am absolutely not afraid to say that my gas and water company's billing department is run by chimps.  We've covered that I'm a pretty recently divorced woman.  I think it's somewhat obvious that I'm enjoying it because I don't have to drag anybody along with me on this ride called life that doesn't want to be there.  This also means that my living arrangements have changed.  I'm staying in the house with the purpose of getting rid of it, and my ex and his girlfriend moved out.  That meant that all of the bills in his name needed to be changed to mine.  There were two of them on that list.  All the first one took was a phone call.  The second, being my gas and water company, was not so easily remedied.

The first call to the billing department in December seemed so promising.  We couldn't just switch the existing account into my name.  We had to do a reading on the meter in the basement to verify that the one outside the house was accurate, then we'd shut down the old account and open a new one in my name.  Sure, it could be less tedious, but it was a plan!  We set up an appointment over the phone to have the meter read.  Aaaand, we waited.  The tech never showed up on the scheduled day.  I called back, a little grumpy about being stood up by my creditor. I talked to another agent, and we set up a second appointment, to which their guy was 20 minutes early.  Not that being early is a bad thing, but it's a little unfortunate that I was stuck in traffic at the time and he complained that he'd have to wait.

Alrighty, second appointment snafu dealt with.  I'm expecting the bill to come with my name on it the next month.  Nope, got a call from the ex.  It had been sent to him, again.  I get on the horn and talk with yet another CSR.  I ask them why the bill hasn't been updated.  She didn't have a good answer for me, but promised that the bill would be under my name the following cycle.  *sigh*  Ok, sure.  I am going to let you believe that on its face, but I'm not holding my breath.  Sure enough, bill went to the ex again.  Awesome.  For those of you keeping score, this is the 5th month they've gotten it wrong.

The latest news is that they sent out a bill 2 weeks after I paid the last one, still to my ex-husband, for less than you can get lunch at Taco Bell.  Um, water guys, do you have a room full of monkeys on typewriters hoping for Shakespeare but making due with account statements?!  Really, one of these days, there's going to be a breakdown in communications and I'm not going to get the bill paid on time.  Nobody wants that; I'm pretty sure you want your money, and I'd like to continue to do first world things like poop indoors and wash clothes somewhere other than the river. 

Guess what I'll be doing in the morning.  Yup, that's right.  Making a phone call to the water company.  Wish me luck!

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