January 16, 2011

Plus Sized as Identity

Tornadoes have the Enhanced Fujita scale.  The larger the number, the more serious they're taken.  Ever notice that's not the case with clothing sizes?  Or, is it?

Think about it.  Could you imagine Queen Latifa as a size 8?  What about Patti LaBelle as a size 6?  Where would J Lo be without that ass, or Shakira without those hips?  These women challenge the identity we've all been prescribed, and are winning!

I, however, do not have such a fantastic shape.  It would take a whole lot of boning, lacing, and cursing to get me into a corset tight enough to squeeze into the pin-up wiggle dresses I want to wear.  I'm average height, squat, and carry all my weight between my tits and ass.What saves me in the looks department is the fact that I have amazing legs, and a pretty face.  Well, saves is perhaps too strong a word.  It makes it sound like I am not happy being plus-sized.  In reality, I think I'd rather be a little heavy than a little thin.

I do like having a little meat on my bones.  I have thought about this, and I really don't think I could be thin.  Not that I couldn't lose the weight.  I can, and have.  But I really don't think I have the personality to be anything less than a size 10. Perhaps it's a construct of my own vivid imagination (and trust me, I've thrown myself into the dating pool recently and it has been more than enough to exercise my imagination muscle.) but it seems to me that small women are easier to overlook.  When was the last time you saw a tiny woman making a fuss and didn't picture a small purse dog yapping for attention in your head?  I'd better be careful or else Fifi might really do a number on my shin.

No, I don't enjoy the muffintop. But, I think if I were slender, I wouldn't be taken as seriously.

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