January 27, 2011

Echos of a Teenage Romance

When I was a sophomore in college, I was 18 years old and attending a very small, very private school  in Pennsylvania.  I was rooming with a wonderful lady who would grow up to be a fascinating, kindhearted woman.  Someone who I still hold in high esteem.  Someone who, according to her, I sexiled for an entire weekend in October of 1996.  (As an interesting aside, I remember the date because that was the same weekend the X-Files Episode "Home" aired.  15 years later and I still remember that.  Odd...)  As a birthday present to myself, I flew my then-boyfriend from home out to see me.  I rented a car from a place called Rent a Wreck and spent the weekend exploring central Pennsylvania, and each other's bodies.  I remember there being longing, a few tears, and sneaking into the showers early in the morning.  Beyond that, my memories of that relationship are hazy.

Fast forward half a lifetime and you find me back in my hometown, living life in different circles than my one time lover.  I had recently gotten to talking with one of the maintenance men from my building at work.  It came up that he knew this former lover of mine.  Perhaps I could have worked on my tact a bit and said something a little more...  genteel than "Oh my god!  We SO used to fuck in college!"  Not my smoothest moment...  However, it did get a laugh, so there's that.

It wasn't long after that when I was initiated into the Scurvy Circle.  Monday nights are bar night at one of the local watering holes.  I had been a few times when I'm introduced to a woman who ended up being the wife of this former flame.  I remember thinking, "now this could go one of several ways.  It could be a bonding moment over our own notes (Does he still do that weird foot thing as he's falling asleep?), it could be a *meh* moment, or it could be catfight central."  (I want half of the box office and 10% of concession sales.  Just sayin'.)  I said not a word.  I was the new kid and didn't want to rock the boat with something that was a momentary teenage thing that, by all rights wasn't worthy of recognition beyond an momentary "Huh.  Weird.  ...  So, anyway."

Apparently, I was wrong.  Between the Facebook connection and the word of mouth about my being there got back to his ears.  And this is the part where I just chuckle.  I think the general impression I got from the description was panic(!).  Apparently, my existence, even several people removed from his social circle, is enough to cause some disquiet in his life.  Now this I find funny, and more fuel for my earning the title of Hurricane.  Me?  My mere presence is disruptive?  Oh sir, stop feeding my ego.  Really now, I have to fit it in my tiny, tiny car.

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