January 21, 2011

Car Salesmen Have Souls Too!

Have I ever told you about Russ, my MINI sales guy?  He's pretty damn cool.  Every time I go in for service or an oil change, he makes it a point to either say hello then or call me the next day.  Just touching base, saying hello and making sure I was taken care of with kid gloves.  Heck, he even calls my car by his name, which I think is just the epitome of awesome.  I just figured all the niceties was him just being really good at his job.  I mean, to succeed in sales, you have to be good at the schmooze.

I called up there today to ask what the payoff on my lease is.  I have till November, and I'm trying to come to the right decision about if I want to buy it, or try to buy a new one when it's up.  I know my credit is going to be crap.  Hell, that's probably giving crap a bad name to compare the two.  I gave him the short version of the story since he knew my ex from when they worked together.  He said he was really sorry to hear about everything.  I told him not to be.  It was a friendly divorce, we're still on good terms, and that despite all the tribulations of the past 2 years, I am the happiest I've been in a very long time.  Bankruptcy laws were enacted for a reason, I'm trying to play by the rules with the Deed in Lieu, and it will all work out,  even it it's uncomfortable in the present.

That's when he told me that he's adding me to his prayer list.  I'm not a believer in prayer, but I know how much that matters to some people.  So, to be offered that kind of spot in their personal faith was humbling.  I'm pretty sure that's not just good customer service.  That's a decent human being, to care about the welfare of others whom they barely know.  So, to Russ!  Thank you.

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